Relaxing in the Rainforest-Ecuador

Relaxing in the Rainforest-Ecuador
Natalie and Grandma

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last of the Summer Whine

Well, today was truly the end of summer for Cliff and I. School will begin on Tuesday for both of us and our signal that summer is over is the Twin Falls/Filer Fair. We went this morning early and got home about 4:30 pm. It is always a really fun time for us. We usually start off with a coffee and I have a selections of fresh mini donuts and he has a breakfast burrito. We wander through the merchant buildings first. I collect pencils to take to school and he collects magnet business cards to put on his white board in his classroom. Then another food it was a pork sundae. It is a cup with layers of mashed potatoes, gravy, pork, gravy, potatoes, pork and cheese. YUMMMMM! Then on to the display buildings. We found my scrapbooks first, one of them took a first place ribbon. On to my jewelry, one piece took a first place ribbon and the other took a second place ribbon. One of our favorite buildings is the antiques building. We spend the most time in there looking at all the stuff. The next stop is the photography building. I entered 8 photos this year in the Advanced Amateur category. Two of my photos took ribbons this year. I got a second place ribbon and an Hon. Mention ribbon for them. In all I won $6 for all my winnings. That paid for our next trip into the food area. We both got soft tacos and then moved on to the elephant ears with honey. I had to stop there, but Cliff has to have at least one corn dog before we leave. We usually get peaches and ice cream, but just couldn't face eating one more thing. All in all we had a really fun day. The weather was perfect and sunny without the usual heat. Can't wait for next year!

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