Relaxing in the Rainforest-Ecuador

Relaxing in the Rainforest-Ecuador
Natalie and Grandma

Friday, September 9, 2011

Well I guess we have all survived our first week back to school. It was a little hectic these first days. We spent most days trying to get kids to the right class at the right time. There were the computers that kept crashing, freezing up, etc. to contend with too. We got a new program installed on the computers for the kids to use and the computers in the room are so old that they just don't like running the program without freezing up occasionally. But we must make do as there isn't money for new computers or upgrades to the old ones.
Trying to learn the students names is a challenge as well. We have students from Iran, Iraq, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Africa, and Nepal and they all have very interesting and hard to pronounce names. They all seem like a great group of kids and I'm looking forward to working with them all.

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