Relaxing in the Rainforest-Ecuador

Relaxing in the Rainforest-Ecuador
Natalie and Grandma

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Equator

One of the days in Ecuador we visited the actual equator and the historical equator. The actual equator was so interesting! It isn't far from the historical equator. For explorers that didn't have GPS they got it pretty close. We learned so much at the actual equator and did some really fun experiments. Did you know that you don't have a shadow on the equator, that water drains straight down, it's hard to walk a straight line with your hands out, thumbs up and eyes closed? We learned some things about the people that live on the equator. One tribe were head hunters and we learned how to make a shrunken head and saw an actual shrunken head. We learned that guinea pigs will squeal if someone with a "bad spirit" comes into the home. (They were quiet while we were in the building) We also got to balance an egg on the head of a nail. We then drove over the the historical equator and photographed the huge monument and did some shopping in the shops surrounding the monument.

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