Relaxing in the Rainforest-Ecuador

Relaxing in the Rainforest-Ecuador
Natalie and Grandma

Monday, August 8, 2011

Las Vegas

Like I explained earlier, I'm working backwards on my vacation this summer. The first place we flew to was Las Vegas. Cliff and I wanted to spend the 4th of July in Vegas this year and also help Carissa (#3 granddaughter) celebrate her 5th birthday. We went to the Air Force Base for the fireworks and they were spectacular!! It was only 111 degrees that day (Gack! as Cliff would say). Needless to say we melted, but the wait was worth it. The fireworks were the best we have ever seen and we could also see the fireworks going off on the strip from where we were sitting. It was great!
On one of the days there we visited the Titanic exhibit. We were each given a card at the beginning of the "trip" with the name of actual passengers that traveled on the Titanic. At the end we went to the lists on the wall to see if we survived the sinking. The most spectacular part was the room with an actual piece of ice that you could put your hands on to feel how cold the water actually was the night she sank.
We also made a trip to the Natural History Museum where they had an Egyptian display. Carissa was freaked out by the fake mummies but loved the statues.
The highlight of our stay in Vegas was the evening that we all went to see Ka a Cirque du Soeil show. The kids were fascinated by everything in the show as were we. This was Cliff's and my second time to see the show. It is an amazing feast for the eyes and ears. There is so much to see. Here is a link to see a short video about it hopefully it works: (just copy and paste the address)
We also got to go to the Bellagio and see the conservatory again. They always do such amazing things there.

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