Relaxing in the Rainforest-Ecuador

Relaxing in the Rainforest-Ecuador
Natalie and Grandma

Sunday, April 29, 2012

After the Mess

Beauty amid chaos
Well, the blog hop is over and was it ever fun.  This is the first blog hop that I had participated in.  I got to see into 50 other crafter's spaces and learn from them.  I learned that many of us have cats!  Some that even look just like Eliot.  I learned that all our spaces look pretty much the same even if it is a spot in the living room or an entire basement.  We all love our spaces and treasure the time we get to spend in them.  We have pretty tolerant families who understand the "mess" and sometimes participate in making the mess.  Now none of us feel like our craft rooms have to be the show places that we all see and drool over in the magazines.  If it isn't messy, there isn't any creating being done. 

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